Архів тегів: Solve

Справа Мисливець – Чи можете ви це вирішити? Чити&Рубати

A succession of detective cases to make the city was plunged into chaos…Under the glamorous surface, the city hiding all kinds of evil.In order to help people restore the peace life, as a great detective you are obliged to do it!Find out the truth, find the hidden clues, it’s time to show your true wisdom!... Читати далі »

Re-Size-I‪t‬: to Solve the Brain Puzzle Cheats&Рубати

📏 SIZE MATTERS! Ever thought how much you’d like to make your favorite ice cream bigger or shrink your team’s goal in a soccer game? Or to wave a magic wand and make everything in the world fit just right? Now imagine you have a super hi-tech laser beam that can do just that! 🥺… Читати далі »

HidyFind Hidden Objects and Solve The Puzzle Cheats&Рубати

HidyFind Hidden Objects is a new casual game where you’ll be searching for hidden objects! On each level, you’ll have to solve a photo puzzle quest: search for highlighted items and complete hidden object challenges. Get ready for an incredible adventure in the mystery world! Sounds quite casual and easy, hah? Will you… Читати далі »