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Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Cheats&Рубати

Connect to an online fantasy kingdom, gather beautiful girl knight heroes, lead troops in innovative casual tactical battles, and join fun clan activities. Let’s play this perfect mix of anime RPG and casual online MMO games together! No in-game Ads. 😊Generous beginner rewards including SSR heroes, summon coupons, дорогоцінні камені, і більше. Claim from in-game mail… Читати далі »

Tales of Turnipland ZingPlay – Чити&Рубати

> WELCOME TO TALES OF TURNIPLAND, WHERE YOU CAN: <> <> 💥FREELY TO BUILD A THRIVING AGRICULTURAL LAND <>With a lot of familiar crops and animals such as corn, пшениці, chickens, dairy cows, тощо, you will lead your citizens to raise, cultivate, produce and harvest different products, fulfill orders to meet all the needs of… Читати далі »

Fancy Blast: Puzzle in Fairy Tales Cheats&Рубати

Players who like thinking games will love puzzle in the realm of everyone’s favourite fairy tale characters! Thousands of levels await the smartest puzzle players! A new Match 3 experience Fancy Blast is a new Match 3 puzzle experience with all the fun elements: color splash, tile sweeping and jewel explosions when combining more than… Читати далі »

Horse Riding TalesWild Pony Cheats&Рубати

THE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE HORSE RACING GAME OF YOUR DREAMS. Begin your journey from lowly stable hand to dressage & horse racing super star! Join our horse loving online world where you can customise your character, tame & race beautiful wild horses, bring them to your stable and train so you can become an equestrian show… Читати далі »

Wolf TalesWild Animal Sim Cheats&Рубати

The Animal wildlands is a dangerous RPG world, where the forest animals guard their territory while hunting and surviving off the land. For centuries, the wolf packs have remained at the top of the food chain, maintaining the natural order, led by their alpha, the last remaining dire wolf. When the dire wolf goes missing,... Читати далі »

Tales Noir – Чити&Рубати

Open Beta has been confirmed on 6th July! Follow us and get more informations and rewards:Веб-сайт: https://tn.pixelrabbit.net/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalesNoir Splendid storyline unfolds in the world of Tales NoirRe-write your story! Fight For Your Destiny with Princess AllianceBuild your own team! 100+ Collectable princesses and princes from various fairy tales Craft Your Own Castle in… Читати далі »

Об’єднати казки – Злиття 3 Puzzles Cheats&Рубати

Об’єднати казки, злитися 3 and evolve dragon, heal the land, restore the ruins and dress up your home garden.The fairy garden is completely blocked by the fog, evolve the dragon to dispel the fog and use magic to heal the land.Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in Merge Tales where you can merge… Читати далі »

Mahjong Tour: Witch Tales – Чити&Рубати

2022 MOST ENTHRALLING MAHJONG GAME Welcome to the magic world of Mahjong! Get ready for the most popular mahjong solitaire quests with little witch Phoebe! Explore an epic mix of classic mahjong & exciting tour quests in a magical journey. ЯК ГРАТИ– Match tiles with at least one side unblockedTap two of the… Читати далі »

Legendary Tales 2 – Чити&Рубати

A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it… “Legendary Tales: Cataclysm” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests. A vision came to the oracle. A… Читати далі »