Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid Cheats&ہیک

بذریعہ | اپریل 28, 2022
We have discovered that a certain antivirus software misidentifies Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid as a threat.
Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid is safe to play as it’s protected by the AppGuard software installed in the game. Rest assured, the user security is always our top priority.

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Greetings, Adventurers! Welcome to Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid, where progress knows no bounds!

Set off on a journey to conquer the game’s vast fantasy world and defeat Bosses with your friends!
Challenge Mythril Mines and the Adventurer League to score a vast amount of Mythrils and Soul Stones!
Enjoy the fun of limitless character progress at your fingertips!

◈Idle RPG◈
Earn various currencies and EXP naturally as time goes by!
Enjoy watching your characters grow stronger in this exciting RPG!

◈ Four Unique Classes of the Kingdom of Rohan◈
Knight, میج, Rogue, and Druid await your command!
Enter the fray and utilize each class’s unique skills and gear!

◈Global Adventures and Competitions◈
Form a party with adventurers from all over the world to defeat Bosses!
Engage in global competitions and place at the top of the rankings!

◈ Tactical battles through Skills and Relics◈
Combine a wide variety of Skills and Relics and battle the powerful boss monsters!
Devise your unique strategies that utilize Skill matchups and Relic effects to defeat Bosses!

The game is available in 한국어, انگریزی, آسان چینی, روایتی چینی, ڈوئچ, فرانسیسی, ไทย, بهاس إندونيسيا and Português.

** Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid includes in-game purchases. Please note that some items require additional payments.

* کم از کم تقاضے: انڈروئد – Galaxy S7 (تم 4.4) / 2 جی بی ریم
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