My Mini Zoo: Animal Tycoon Cheats&ہیک

بذریعہ | مئی 22, 2022

My Mini Zoo: Animal Tycoon is a simulation game that will help you experience business life. Begin with opening a mini-farm and grow it into a major zoo business. Your mission is to feed your animals, clean the zoo, and sell tickets to earn as much money as possible

BIG NOTE: Keep the thieves far away from your money and your animals and don’t let them steal anything from you ❌

جتنا زیادہ آپ کھیلتے ہیں۔, the bigger your business is. Expand and build your own zoo business then EARN MONEY 🤑

Hold and drag to move
Take care of the animals and sell tickets to make money
Get money faster from expanding the zoo area
Buy and hire more staff such as cashiers, feeders, and cleaners,… to expand your empire
Protect your money and your animals from thieves

Easy and addictive gameplay, control with only one finger
Conquer different levels, and win an enormous prize
Awesome graphics, relaxing sound
Upgrade new features continuously, countless challenges, countless fun
Discover new safari with different animals

Are you ready to start up with us in My Mini Zoo: Animal Tycoon 💰

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