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Learning games for toddlers 2+ دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

15 educational games for kids and toddlers from 2 کو 5 years old. This app for early development includes sorting games and classifying objects by color, size and shape. The app is designed for preschool kindergarten boys and girls. It offers a safe and friendly environment for kids and toddlers to play multiple engaging games… مزید پڑھ »

Kids Learning Mini Games 2-5 دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

Educational games for kindergarten are the most popular way of studying for children nowadays. Here are games for kids from 2 کو 5 years old. کھیلیں 15 exciting and funny mini games for boys and girls! Toddlers can improve their motor skills, coordination and logical thinking in a playful way. Help kids to develop basic… مزید پڑھ »

Tiny PuzzleLearning games Cheats&ہیک

Tiny Puzzle is a series of learning toddler games free for 2-5 year olds to play in family. These free games for toddlers will help your children to develop association skills, tactile and fine motor skills. 🎈 See how they learns the names of animals, parts of the house, clothes, objects, colors, transports numbers, letters… مزید پڑھ »

Learning Games for Kids – دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

Sharpen your child’s brain through exciting kids puzzles and challenges! This unique brain development program for 4-6 year olds is guaranteed to boost your child’s logical thinking skills and memory. Toddlers and kids 4-6 year olds will absolutely love to solve these logic brain puzzles & brain games! These brain games for kids are so… مزید پڑھ »

Preschool learning games – دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

15 educational games for early development of kids. Our toddler games will help your baby develop such skills as visual perception, fine motor, logic, coordination, attentiveness and memory. The games will be entertaining for both girls and boys of pre-k, kindergarten and preschool ages. Dress-up game: Put correct clothes on elephant and lizard.Pattern game: Match… مزید پڑھ »

Lila’s World: Create, کھیلیں, Learning Game for Kids Cheats&ہیک

Draw and Color your own scenes and create your own game world out if it. Draw on paper with your own color pencils, sketch pens, crayons or paint and just click a picture of these to put them in the game. WELCOME TO LILA’S WORLD PLAY and MYSTERY:Play as Lila while she visits her Grandma’s… مزید پڑھ »