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Helicopter Save The Girl – دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

Can you shoot fast enough to save your girl from the maniacs? GAME MODE:– Rescue The GirlGiants HunterEscape The Matrix ★ Your quest is simplerescue the girl by killing all the lunatics! Jump on the helicopter and take down any enemies getting close to the girl. Don’t give them any chance and make… مزید پڑھ »

ماسٹرز کو بچائیں۔ – دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

ایک انوکھا موبائل گیم جو آپ کو آرام کرنے اور پرواز کرنے کا وقت حاصل کرنے میں مدد کرے گا۔! تفریحی پہیلی حکمت عملی کی کارروائی میں سب سے زیادہ اسکور حاصل کریں۔, جو کہ صرف آپ کی مہارت اور منطق پر مبنی ہے۔!ایک خاص عذاب سے مختلف قسم کے کرداروں کو بچانے کے لیے احتیاط سے ہدف بنائیں. رسی کو کاٹنے کے لیے اپنا شاٹ لیں… مزید پڑھ »

Save The Kingdom: Merge Towers Cheats&ہیک

Enemies are attacking your kingdom! Can you build and lead your troops to fight and defend your castle in time? Merge towers to defend your kingdom! Combining the usual merge gameplay with the exciting defense feature, Save The Kingdom will give you a fun experience! Use resources to build a castle, then the stronger the… مزید پڑھ »

Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel. Jigsaw puzzles Cheats&ہیک

🧠 If you like puzzle games like we do you’ll definitely adore the jigsaw Emily’s Dreams: Save the Hotel. Make the correct choice and save the girl Emily 🙎‍♀️. Exciting storylineIt’s a narrative game with lots of levels and tricky tasks. Emily needs your help. You’ll need all your courage and mother wit to solve… مزید پڑھ »

Save Lady Episode: Rescue The GirlHey girl! دھوکہ دہی&ہیک

😱😱 Oops! The Lady’s boyfriend cheated on her. Can you save her love story? Save Lady Episode is a tricky puzzle game, so there are many types of questions. Some of them are funny, but some of them may make your brain melted. Get it wrong, then it won’t end well for our lady. 🌼🌼… مزید پڑھ »