VANDALEAK – Sprays & Graffiti Cheats&Hack

By | May 26, 2023


VANDALEAK is the one and only place where a digital vandal can live the indoor graffiti writing experience. Cruising you through the ABC of the art, this app integrates various functions and areas in one single platform.

PRODUCT Area, kickstarts from precise and accurate color detection function via photos or manually creating a particular shade. Once the color is detected it automatically leads you to three closest types of spray paint from nearly 1000 options.

BOMBING Area, gear up your backpack selecting items from your inventory. Action!
After choosing the spray and cap of choice paint up that real life looking trains. Adjust the thickness and opacity of your spray with a single slider, for a first hand spray can feeling! Finish up by taking a pic!

HOME, is where the VNDLK team keeps you updated with graffiti related news and tools of the game!

Your graffiti pictures from the BOMBING Area can be uploaded on the Blog and other VNDLK writers can “heart” your graff!

VANDALEAK features:
– RGB based color picker function (detection via photos or manually)
– 3D train models to paint on
– Multiple spray brands with unique technical characteristics
– Hundreds of colors to choose from
– Revolutionary function: Just like real life! Spray thickness/ opacity/ distance adjuster
– Social area to “like” other players’ works
– News/Blog function to be up-to-date with graffiti and supply trends


We would love to hear your comments and thoughts so we can make the game better!
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