LASERBREAKPhysics Puzzle – Gian lận&Gian lận

Bởi | tháng Ba 21, 2023

A highly addictive, challenging and seriously fun experience that is captivating gamers around the globe.

Use the many awesome objects including TNT, balls, cổng thông tin, elevators, magnets and more to direct your laser beam at the target. Smash, burn and blast your way to victory. The possibilities are endless!

LASERBREAK features many amazing levels ranging from simple to very challenging.

• No Ads!
• 120 amazing levels to keep you entertained for many hours.
• Simple to learn, thách thức để làm chủ
• 15+ awesome physics objects
• Take your time, explore and use your brain to solve the clever puzzles
• Find the bonus coins for an extra challenge
• Stunning HD graphics
• 9 language translation options
• Impress your friends by finishing first

LASERBREAK is the one of most exciting and unique physics puzzle games available.

Physics Objects include:
BallsRoll the balls, catapult them, drop themthey are the most useful object!
TNTIgnite the explosives with the laser beam. Detonate it to blast other objects around, smash glass, knock over dominoes and more.
PortalsOtherwise known as wormholes, they teleport objects from one place to another. Use them wisely!
MagnetsUse magnets to control the path of the steel balls and hold steel crates in place.
Nước đá – Melt the ice to reveal other objects inside! Melt it with the laser beam.
WoodBurn wood with the laser, opening up more paths for the balls to roll, or just for the laser beam to aim through.
Thủy tinh – Glass reflects the laser beam and also holds other objects. You can smash it or crush it with other objects such as balls or crates.
Reflective shapesTurn the reflective triangle shapes to reflect the laser beam on different angles.
BlocksReflective blocks to bounce the laser beam off. Non reflective blocks you have to think your way around.
Bonus coinsEaster eggs. Find them randomly in levels, destroy them with the laser for an extra challenge.