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Bởi | Tháng Mười 22, 2022

The Divine Speaker is a story and character rich Visual Novel following the adventures of Raen as he’s thrown out into a world he’s never known before.

You’ll meet a host of interesting characters, including three romanceable guys who will join Raen along the way.

This demo introduces the first two romanceable characters and spans the first two chapters of the game.

Raen grew up happily in a small orphanage in Aurelia Cavella.
Despite not having his parents, he had a good upbringing with his new family.
Aurelia Cavella is all he’s ever known, and he truly believes in the Divine Speaker and follows him with all of his heart.
He has a bit of trouble dealing with liars and tends to believe most of what he’s told.
He doesn’t always do the right thing, but he tries his best.

Fawn lives in the forest that surrounds Aurelia Cavella, in a treehouse made of scrap and rubbish he scavenged himself.
He collects anything he finds, including his clothes, so he can sometimes dress a little strangely.
He named himself after his favorite animal, forgetting the original name his parents gave him.

He spends most of his time stalking around town in the shadows, and is only ever sought after if someone requires his particular set of skills.
He typically prefers to work alone. He doesn’t like to rely on or get close to others, because it would leave a weakness for others to exploit.

Cyne hails from Sid Caeham, and is a wild, energetic guy that always gets what he wants.
He’s expected to take over his family’s household, but he participates in as little of his duties as he can get away with.
He usually drifts from person to person, enjoying a taste of each and leaving before he gets attached.
It’s hard to tell between when he’s lying and when he’s telling the truth.

GHI CHÚ: This is not apay-to-win” trò chơi. When the full game is out, buying it like a normal game will grant you access to all of the routes, endings and illustrations. Không “story tickets”, no gacha here.

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