Ai là kẻ mạo danh ? – Gian lận&Gian lận

Bởi | Tháng hai 27, 2021

🤯 Ai là kẻ mạo danh? Thử thách trí não của bạn bằng cách chơi trò chơi giải đố hay nhất của chúng tôi với những câu đố độc đáo và sáng tạo. Không dễ để chiến thắng nếu bạn không có đầu óc siêu việt!

Hãy để bản thân trở thành một thám tử tài ba giúp mọi người giải quyết những vấn đề phức tạp trong Ai là kẻ mạo danh của chúng tôi? Tải ngay!.🤗🤗

🌟Diverse puzzle systems with many different topics and difficulties such as: who is the liar, who is the mother of the child, how to find the werewolfwill make you think.
🌟The graphics and sound system of the game are authentic, vivid and attractive to players.
🌟The game is completely free and can be played even without the internet.
🌟Quizzes are regularly updated weekly with many levels and increasingly rich in ideas.

🤯In our game, you will be challenging your big brain while going through our extremely challenging levels. Hidden objects need to be found by you. Tuy nhiên, to find these objects is not easy. It will be hidden somewhere in the picture, use any means to find and solve our riddle.

🤯There will be questions you find really crazy, sure. We want to challenge your creativity, whether your brain is flexible or not based on your responses in the game Who Is Impostor will help you test that.

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💥Our game is loved and experienced by a lot of people not only because it is conceptually appealing, but also has features that make people irresistible.

💥So, How to play the Who Is Impostor game? You need to read the question carefully, observe the picture carefully, find out any suspicious details. We provide arguments to solve the problems that our questions raise. There will be confusing details included along with important details, please be careful to judge, do not let yourself be too confused.

After making a judgment, you just click on the answer in the picture and become the winner.

🎮Download and play our Who Is Impostor game to challenge your brain today. Please invite your friends to play together to see who is smarter.🤗🤗

Let us know your experience, we will listen and develop the game every day. Have a good time playing the game!