Wood Block – Puzzle game Cheats&Hack

By | May 19, 2022

Play for free to the most famous and exciting puzzle game. Wood Block is one of most popular puzzle game worldwide. It’s derived & inspired from Tetris™.

Complete rows horizontally & vertically to score points and reach next level.
Make streak & combos (multiple lines completed in a row or at once) to get bonus points. Use our powers🚀 to unlock complex situations. ⚠️Be careful, you’ll lose when you don’t have any space left to place a block.

Wood Block is designed to provide you with the best gaming experience with great graphics.

Download it now and play for free wherever and whenever you want!


FREE: Play all your games for free anytime
GREAT INTERFACE: Efficient, fast, intuitive, beautiful and dynamic interface optimized for various screen sizes
SMART LEVELS: Complexity simulated by a challenging but still friendly artificial intelligence, that will automatically select the best mode
GAME AUTOSAVE: Freely stop the game at anytime and continue later
STATISTICS: Track your performance with the statistics from your matches
SPECIAL POWERS: Undo, rotate and other many powers
BONUS: Earn free gems everyday
FLIGHT MODE: works also without any internet connection

We believe that quality and simplicity improve the gaming experience, and that’s why we created it for you!

Playing Wood Block is not only exciting, it trains your brain 🧠and improve your strategic skills. It is also a very good way to take a break and relax. Join our Wood Block experience to relax and stay sharp with a very complete, easy and smooth app!

Are you ready to win the game? Install the app and Enjoy your game!