Convenience Stories – טשעאַץ&כאַק

דורך | מערץ 31, 2022
Are you ready to redefine convenience?

Step into the shoes of a convenience store manager in this charming business sim. Arrange and customize the store using a wide variety of products – זיסוואַרג, drinks, even hot meals. די ברירה איז דייַן!

Add a news stand to sell the latest magazines, comic books, און נאך. Just rememberthis is not a library!

Sometimes the fastest way to your customershearts is through their stomachs! Stock hot snacks to entice passers-by to fill their bellies and lighten their wallets.

Running a good store is a team effort. You’ll have to recruit new employees to make the most of your working hours. Before you know it, you’ll be offering 24-hour service all year long!

It takes care and attention to take your business to the next level. Listen to your customers, help them find what they’re looking for, and they might just become regular shoppers!

When the time comes to expand, cooperation is the name of the game. Negotiate with suppliers and other companies to discover new products and unlock your store’s true potential!

You may not be the only store on the scene, but a little healthy competition never hurt anyone! Crush your rivals to take over their territory and become the most successful franchise the country has ever seen!

The beginning of your journey to service industry domination is just a short step away. Stock your shelves, ring up your register, and start building the store of your dreams!

Why not try running an amusement park, a hamburger restaurant, or even a campsite?
אויף זיכען “קאַיראָסאָפט” צו זען אַלע אונדזער שפּילערייַ, אָדער באַזוכן אונדז אין הטטפּ://

זייט זיכער צו קאָנטראָלירן אונדזער פריי-צו-שפּילן און באַצאָלט שפּילערייַ!
קאַיראָסאָפט ס פּיקסעל קונסט שפּיל סעריע האלט!

גיי אונדז אויף טוויטטער פֿאַר די לעצטע Kairosoft נייַעס און אינפֿאָרמאַציע.