Match War! : Adojuru & Defense Cheats&Gige

Nipasẹ | Kọkànlá Oṣù 29, 2022

Real-time pvp match 3 puzzle defense!
Use a variety of powerful weapons to use your shield to block the incoming enemy invasion!

?Easy and simple match 3 method?
It is a simple and easy match 3 puzzle game that everyone has played at least once, but enjoy a more exciting match 3 puzzle game through various special effects and combinations!

?colorful weapon combinations?
You can combine 50 weapons at will to create your own ultimate team!

⏰Play mode full of non-stop!⏰
Single mode with stage clear method,
PVP mode with real-time battles between players
Infinite Tower Mode where you can get various in-game goods!
Play a variety of modes to rise to the top!

?random special ability?
Create a stronger team by combining random special abilities that appear in each chapter.
Clear the stage with a combination of luck and skill and defeat your opponent!

?Upgrade your own castle?
Another means of survival Make your own castle, upgrade your castle to create a stronger team!

It is a 3-match puzzle defense game that anyone can play easily and simply, but you can enjoy a tense game with real-time pvp random ability.
Combine your own swords, spears, bows, shurikens, and guns and upgrade your castle to create the best team!