Merge Racers – Awọn ireje&Gige

Nipasẹ | Oṣu Kẹsan 30, 2022

Merge to unlock awesome cars! Race them to become the ultimate idle race car tycoon!
Start the game with a low level car. Merge two of the same car to unlock a newer, faster model. Put your cars on the track and earn idle $$$ while you sleep. When you’re ready for some action jump into a high speed 4-lane racing game that puts YOU in control. Meet a variety of colorful characters and challenge them in boss races with a massive payout. Build your car empire and race to the top of the games leaderboard!

Merge Cars
Merge two cars of the same level to get a higher level car.
Freely drag cars around the beautiful map.
Drop cars on the mini race track diorama and start making idle money.
Idle money makingEarn massive cash while you’re away.
– 30+ unique cars to unlock.

Racing Game
Lane based, high speed races.
Swipe to change lanes.
Draft off an opponent to gain speed.
Multiple Boss races.
Earn massive rewards (fadaka, eyo owo, tokens.)

Be the Best
Race all of the bosses.
Unlock all of the cars.
Reach the top of the idle earnings leaderboard.

Merge for new cars & ESIN! Build your racing empire. Be an idle earnings merge racing tycoon!