Salta le péepenk'áak'o' – Tramposos&Hack

Tuméen | Octubre 13, 2021

Ba'ax alguna ka'atéen a querido wu'uyik a bey juntúul súper aj nu'uktaj realizando acrobacias espectaculares.? 💥 Alguna ka'atéen u tardado ti' jump'éel péepenk'áak'o' yéetel ma' ti' ts'o'ok p'áatik k'iin utia'al a p'atik a u kiis buuts' ka wáalkab utia'al u check-in.? 🛬 ka'ach vagando: Ba'ax ten ma' je'el in aparcar in kiis buuts 🚗 ichil jump'éel péepenk'áak'o✈️? Are you a little bit insane?

Whatever your answers are, we don’t care… We just want you to play our game because it’s just freakin awesome.👍👍👍 It’s so awesome it should be pointed out as a definition of the term “AWESOME” in all dictionaries around the world. 💯 Because let’s be honest. Point one crazier or more fun thing to do in a car than driving it with a rocket booster directly into a cargo hold of a flying plane! Ok, there might be a few better things to do in a car, but! This is for sure one of the best! Trust us! 🙌

Anyway! Buckle up and put the pedal to the metal because it’s gonna get nasty! 💨 Dozens of cars, planes and crazy locations to explore. And remember, timing is crucial here! ⏰ One second less and you’re gone! So hurry! You’ve got a plane to catch! 🏃‍♂️✈️💥