Comics 456 – Squid Game Cheats&黑客

| 十一月 20, 2021

🧩 Comics 456 – 魷魚遊戲 – Mind-bending erase game and fun comedy!

Comics 456 – 魷魚遊戲 is an erase game full of comedy stories. Comics 456 is created to bring you the story of the player 456 trying to pass all challenged to be the last survivor and reach 45.6 billion won. In each level, you will laugh out loud with classic but funny scenes of the K-drama.

你仲等緊乜嘢? 👀 👀
下載 Comics 456 – 魷魚遊戲 and discover the unexpected twists 🔥🔥


🔺 Identify the wrong part
🟥 Delete one part – DOP by swiping your finger across your phone screen
🔴Click 💡 Button to ask for a hint if you are stuck.
🔻Enjoy funny scene at the end of each level


🧩 Delightful graphics with unique cartoon style and cute animations
🧩 Music and sound effects
🧩Phone and tablet support
🧩 A joyful experience for players of all ages

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💌 If you have any contribution to the development of the game, please contact us directly.


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