Zanmang Loopy : Idle Tycoon Cheats&Hack

By | April 15, 2023

Why are there only Cat and Dog tycoons?
Let me show you the most cute one! Zanmang Loopy Tycoon!
See all the cute Loopies for refreshing feeling!

▶ Experience the fun of managing plants and collecting Loopies!
– Collect various types of Loopies! They are pretty, cute, and cool!
– Enjoy the Loopy World! Various minigames! For bonus, booster rewards!
– So, Prepare for mind blowing Loopy world!

▶ Here some tips to increase your plants’ efficiency!
– Acquire Loopies and put them into work!
– Expand your plant by opening more production lines!
– Purchase more plants in Loopy World!
– Hire managers to manage your Loopy workers!

▶ Hey…. Have you ever wondered why I started this business?
Ep.1: I was happy once… Selling my homemade cookies from my small shop..
But once a franchise entered my town, my life went downhill.
My shop ran out of business. I lost my fortune, friends… and my loved one.

Ep.2: Then I realized… You can’t survive in this cruel world by being “normal”.
I must become cruel and bizarre to survive!
I will take over the entire Mega City with my cruel friends!

Just Watch!