Run Boggo Run – Google Play秘籍上的應用&哈克

經過 | 十二月 25, 2020

From the quirky creators of the Land Of Boggs is Run Boggo Run!, a mega-addicting adventure game starring the lovable BFFs Boggo and Boe. Oh no! A loathsome Stress Monster is living rent-free in Boggo’s head! Team up with her best friend Boe to help Boggo escape the Valley of Despair. Act fast to dodge life’s annoying stresses, be sure to avoid the Anxiety Gremlins, and use your arsenal of calming bath bombs to stave off the ever-growing Stress Monster! Can you make it through and collect enough self-care tokens to reach ultimate nirvana? 特徵: 10 challenging achievement levels featuring Land of Boggs characters you know and love! ● Free updates and new challenges to come ● Zany endless runner and tossing challenge game in one handy app ● Hand-animated game made by a small team of weirdo creatives making cool things for you at BuzzFeed ● Cool bonus features like screensavers and art available on our website ● Fun for the whole family to enjoy. Who can bust stress the best?! ALREADY A FAN? CONNECT WITH THE LAND BOGGS * Like us: * Follow us: * Visit us: BuzzFeed does not collect personal information from you when you use the Land of Boggs app. None of your personal information, including your game stats, is stored on our servers. However, the App is powered by Unity, a third-party developer, which does collect information about your device. Unity provides us with aggregate reports about our users and their game activity, but those reports do not specifically identify you or your device. Unity's data collection is governed by Unity's privacy policy.