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Happy Corn – 秘籍&哈克

Happy Corn has never been so satisfying and breathtaking.Enjoy the destruction now!In this fast-moving and enormously fun casual platform game the aim is to slice corn, but watch out the obstacles!轻松控制!Cutting corn and become cutting master! Happy Corn has never been so satisfying and breathtaking. Enjoy the destruction now!In this fast-moving and enormously fun… 阅读更多 »

Convenience Stories – 秘籍&哈克

Are you ready to redefine convenience? Step into the shoes of a convenience store manager in this charming business sim. Arrange and customize the store using a wide variety of products – 糖果, drinks, even hot meals. 这是你的选择! Add a news stand to sell the latest magazines, comic books, 和更多. Just… 阅读更多 »

Bank Job: Idle Business – 秘籍&哈克

Become a multi billionaire by running your own bank! Do you think it’s easy?See for yourself! 特征:– Run your own bankExpand & 开锁 new safesUpgrade your employeesDefend against robbersPrint moneyBecome filthy rich! 记住 – it’s your bank and your clients! Do your job efficiently, take care of your finances, 和… 阅读更多 »

Stack Ball 3D – 秘籍&哈克

This is the new FREE FUNNY stack smash game!When Tapping Action Continuously Happened, Smash Ball changed into Fire Ball. 特征:♣ Crazy speed.♣ Smooth and simple control!♣ Support multiple languages!♣ Many exciting and unique balls!♣ more than a thousand interesting levels!♣ Gorgeous effect! A fun and addictive game, come and join in the fun!Immerse yourself in… 阅读更多 »

玉无 : 妖怪崛起秘籍&哈克

登录获取 Tamashi: 弗洛尔和独家头衔恶魔杀手。让弗洛尔与您一起踏上这场史诗般的冒险! 玉无: 妖怪崛起是动漫风格的 3D MMOARPG, 在这里,您可以与各种妖怪和被称为玉的守护神并肩作战. 该游戏提供了成为恶魔的身临其境的体验…… 阅读更多 »

推杆所有 – 秘籍&哈克

在正确的时间投入令牌并获得更多, 现在开始你的冒险你玩游戏的次数越多, 您可以赢得的代币越多! 通过使用具有特殊功能的电源提升您的代币收集, 升起令牌墙, 加快幸运令牌推送器, 投弹, 并清扫所有收藏品! 看。。。 阅读更多 »

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon – 秘籍&哈克

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon launches on March 29, 2022!Facebook: It’s a time when the Dark Titan has mastered the evil power of the void and with it, he commanded countless demons to invade the continent of humans. Against the backdrop of such a chaotic world, you begin a journey of pursuing your destiny. Along the… 阅读更多 »