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Quiz Planet – 秘籍&哈克

Quiz Planet is a fast-paced quiz game of intergalactic proportions where you can compete against your friends and other players. Test your knowledge with countless interesting quiz questions from 19 varied categories and move to the top of the leader board! Do you know more than your friends? Find out with Quiz Planet! Features •… 阅读更多 »

Grim Defender: Castle Defense – 秘籍&哈克

Defender! Are you ready to defend your castle? In this fast paced castle defense game you requires strategy and skill. Endless hours of action await you! Upgrade and grow your castle, defend against endless waves of monsters, gather resources, improve your defense, equip and combine dozens of crossbows, spells, 陷阱, modules and legendaries to grow… 阅读更多 »

War and Wit: Heroes Match 3 秘籍&哈克

Fantasy Epic 3D Card Puzzle GameWar and Wit: Heroes Match 3Embark on an interesting and thrilling adventure with legendary heroes, using your wisdom to solve various puzzles and get rich rewards. Summon mythic heroes to challenge the dragon and save the world!Step on legendary continent and experience novel and interesting gameplay! 游戏特色:[Courage… 阅读更多 »