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Urban Drug Empire – 秘籍&哈克

Urban Drug Empire Begin your journey as a drug dealer by making as much money as possible. Buy and sell drugs to earn big profits. Start from the bottom, rise up the ranks to kingpin! Expand your empire and shoot your way to the top. *Travel to multiple locations in order to buy and sell… 阅读更多 »

Spellbinders – 秘籍&哈克

For eons, the Titans have fought for glory, and bragging rights in an eternal struggle. As a Spellbinder, YOU control the battlefield. Choose a Titan, command an army of fearless minions and dust off your favorite spell book. Awaken powerful Ancient units from their slumber to tip the scales of war. Devise the perfect strategy… 阅读更多 »

Demon Hunter: Rebirth – 秘籍&哈克

==Story Background== After a millennium dream, chaos arises all of a sudden. Lucifer is attempting to open the gate of the Demonground and create a passage between the two worlds, in order to launch an endless war of extinction. The evil power in the Temple of Hades is quietly awakening, and the world’s demons are… 阅读更多 »

Solitaire Farm Village – 秘籍&哈克

Build your village with playing classic solitaire card! ✨ Game playSolitaire farmvillage has 4 types ( 克朗代克, Spider, 金字塔, FreeCell) of classic card games.♠ Klondike Use all the cards in order to make a build!Difficulty of games.normalFlip 1card, ExpertFlip 3cards, 掌握 – Flip Limit♥ Spider Use all the cards to make… 阅读更多 »

Spot The Differences 2 – 秘籍&哈克

Train your brain and develop your observation skills with Spot the Differences 2, our new and improved game designed for the family. With its unique musical atmosphere and its multiple themes including a birthday party, a zoo, a snowball fight, or a theater play, Spot The Differences 2 will let you find 400 differences accross… 阅读更多 »

Super Arrow Online – 秘籍&哈克

Online Idle RPG, Super Arrow Online! 游戏特色– Online Idle RPG that grows with other playersA completely new skill combination made of 150 技能– A hero system which can be grown by various ability upgrades and transcendenceSummon and upgrade about 100 bows, 箭, quivers, and ringsTreasure Dungeons and Daily Dungeons where you… 阅读更多 »