Baby Panda’s School Bus – 秘籍&哈克

经过 | 六月 1, 2023

This is a car driving game designed especially for kids! Little car fans, come and drive different cars, embark on exciting journeys, experience stories like never before, and discover endless fun of cars!

Are you ready to go? You can drive a school bus, a police car, a fire truck, and other vehicles! Get behind the wheel, grip the steering wheel, and head for the kindergarten, police station, fire scene or other places. Start your car adventure now!

While driving, you will receive many interesting tasks, such as transporting students to the photo studio to take their school pictures, helping the locals to catch thieves, or putting out fires in high-rise buildings. You will need to use your wits to open some barrier gates on your way to carry out the tasks!

There is a car wash ahead. Why don’t you give your car a thorough wash? Soap, scrub, rinse, and you’re done. Your car looks great again! And don’t forget to drive the fire truck to the water station and store enough water to put out the fire!

恭喜! You’ve completed your task successfully! It’s a fun trip, isn’t it? Invite your friends and have a great time here together!

Enjoy the fun of driving;
– 从中选择 4 kinds of cars: school bus, police car, construction truck and fire truck;
– 22 interesting tasks such as washing your car, catching a thief, putting out a fire and building a house;
Meet 8 friendly characters;
Supports offline play.

在婴儿巴士, 我们致力于激发孩子们的兴趣’ 创造力, 想象力和好奇心,并通过孩子们设计我们的产品’ 帮助他们自己探索世界的视角.

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