Final Chronicle (Fantasy RPG) – 秘籍&哈克

经过 | 十二月 13, 2022

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BEST TURN-BASED RPG & JRPG made for mobile devices!

Simple and excitingly addictive turn-based combat systemtap skills for your heroes to kick evil butts old school style!

Create a formidable party with handsome heroes and beautiful heroines! – The lost prince, the beautiful seer, the agile ninja, the loyal knight, the amiable princess, the master ranger, the cute beast master, and the powerful warlock!

Collect treasures, 解决难题, avoid various traps, and fight invincible super bosses! – 美杜莎, Hellhound, Tomb Guardian, Grand Airship, Witch King, Alpha Dragon and more!


► Enjoy an epic story told in 6 章节!
► Customize your party from 8 unique heroes each with 2 skill sets!
► Enjoy addictive gameplay and great graphics!
► Hundreds of items, 技能, 人才, 敌人, 任务!
► Save Fairy Pets from Raid Bosses!
► Fight Guild Dungeons and Guild Wars with your friends!
► Send your heroes and followers on Bounty Quests!
► Battle other players for supremacy in the Arena!
► Explore differing game play modes and collect awesome prizes!
► Enjoy FREE gifts, treasures and login prizes every day!

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