FreezeTag Online – 秘籍&哈克

经过 | 一月 21, 2022
▶ Let’s play in real time!
-Real time online 和朋友一起玩游戏 (取决于 40 people)

▶ Show off your personality!
-2,000 types of permanent costume items, let’s decorate by part!

▶ Let’s make your clan the best!
this game is the end of the online multi game!
Let’s be with your friends through the clan system!

▶ Endless modes!
Police and thief
Bomb mode
Mafia mode
Shooting Mode (第一人称射击)
Freezetag mode
Drop mode
Marathon mode
Flag Mode
Team Battle Mode
– 1: 1 battle mode
Giant mode
Zombie Mode
Entertainment room

▶ Let’s show off at Karaoke Room!
You can go upstage and sing with people.

▶ Optional Access Rights
(Save permission) You can access your photos to write a post in CAFE.
(Mic) Allows you to access your microphone for voice chat.